Internet of Things (IOT)

creating smart solutions

Opportunities are endless when you connect your business with IoT; from increasing process efficiencies to delivering better customer experiences and generating new revenue streams, IoT has an important role to play. We have built IoT apps unleashing the power of beacons, NFC and sensors to create automated systems. Our IoT solutions are aimed to provide excellent customer experiences using mobile, web and embedded devices.

Smart Real Estate

Using beacons, the real estate fraternity has embraced a new way of marketing properties! Without any manual intervention, send information on ‘for-sale’ or ‘for-rent’ properties to buyers passing by.

Smart Parking

Using cloud-based real-time application, RF sensors trace the available parking space in a parking lot. The user, then through mobile app can reserve a parking space!

Smart Asset Tracking

Using RF Sensors and IoT, we have made asset tracking easy and faster. Get real-time visibility and insights of your assets and track their movements.

Smart Events

Organizing, promoting, executing and post-event analytics have a major role to play in event management community. Through Smart Events App, we plug-in features which takes care of finding events nearby (geo-fencing), share floor plan and directions and real-time traffic analytics.