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Beacons - The Game-Changer in Real Estate Marketing

Technology is an integral part of every business today and its importance is growing day-by- day. It finds an indispensible role while helping businesses grow their sales; manage operations and several other functional domains. The real estate industry is also not left out and has embraced technology to break the traditional ways of marketing.

So far, the most common techniques to market properties were use of signs, flyers, brochures, videos, social media etc. Almost every tool and strategy under the sun has been explored. And that is not the end! The attempts are ageless and umpteen.

Well, the millennial aren’t for this!

The Smartphone’s have given rise to smart buyers today. Figures say that 92% of home buyers search on internet, 54% on mobile and 57% through real estate mobile apps. Moving further mobile apps are getting paired with IoT (Internet of Things) technology thereby changing the entire paradigm of marketing. Beacon technology which is another facet of IoT, is been used by real estate proprietors to augment the buying process in numerous ways. Real estate software solutions are taking this industry to a new level of business development.

How do Beacons work in Real Estate Marketing?

Beacons are Bluetooth based wireless sensors placed on your property ‘for-sale’ or ‘for-rent’ sign which automatically push info to buyer’s Smartphone who are in the vicinity of the saleable/rent property. Using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), realtors make use of proximity marketing and push info to buyer’s phone. The advantage of BLE over Bluetooth is that it allows micro-location marketing and consumes less phone battery.

Benefits of Beacon App Development

  1. Automated Push-Notifications to Buyers

    The biggest advantage of Beacons is they are proactive and initiate a contact with the buyer. As a real estate seller, you can broadcast property info to every buyer passing by the property which is for sale/rent. So, if you place a beacon on your property sign, every buyer passing around shall get an alert on the smart phone.

  2. Immediate Virtual Property Tour

    Through the real estate app installed, the buyer receives all information about the property which includes flyers, images, property description, realtors contact details. You can also push property video for the prospect to get a virtual tour before making an actual visit.

  3. Dual Benefit

    Beacon based mobile apps facilitate communication between buyer and seller. When you broadcast the information, the buyer receives agents contact details and vice versa. This expedites mutual communication between both the parties.

  4. Low investment, Increased Revenue

    By the virtue of bridging the buyer and seller, beacon technology has made the traditional approach of real-estate marketing obsolete. Sellers find this approach easy, hassle less, and faster sale closures.

What Next?

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